Been obsessing over this chair lately....check out the production photos at: stefan-diez.com

Juicer Revisit

Update on the "Citrus Juicer" from last semester's Vis Comm. project:

So, I recently chose to take the Juicer to the next level and built it as a fully detailed C.A.D. model in SolidWorks. The next step of this project might just include a trip to foundry...

Here are a couple of quick renderings of the CAD to get an idea of color break up-


David Mann's chopper art is awesome!



Here's a project from Rhino II modeling and rendering class. The project of modeling a helmet was intended to be more of a challenge in modeling complex surface transitions than anything else. For my helmet, I wanted to keep the all the flavor of traditional, open-face motorcycle helmets while giving the surface some character and using that character to add functionality. This helmet is branded to Biltwell Inc., a producer of motorcycle/ chopper/ bobber accessories and widely known for their popular metal flake helmets.

Here is my concept...


Double Shot Espresso Machine

For this week's Vis Comm 3 assignment, we were given the task of rendering a glossy surface on our own design. I chose to practice rendering the glossy surface on my espresso machine design.


Braun Sharpener

This week's Vis Comm assignment: any product we want to design and incorporate metal into the design. So here is my solution for a compact battery operated pencil sharpener.

ideation sketches
final rendering


Pothole Project

For our first, short (4 week) project of this winter's semester of product design studio, we were given the vague task doing something with "anything that has to do with a pothole."

Our group, Sarah S., Sarah J., and myself, chose to fix one big problem in the city of Detroit by using another problem to fix it. The basic mission of the project is to use the bricks from house demolitions around the city to fill the numerous potholes in roads around the city.

By doing this, the beautiful brick houses that need to be torn down for safety purposes are now kept within the city limits. In return, by having bricks in the road, the roads would serve as reminders of the original streets of Detroit.

Check out the poster below to see the in depth concept and process:


Rendering of my Ranfla

For this week's vis comm assignment, we were asked to sketch and render anything having to do with the automobile. I chose to render my '59 Chevy Impala using traditional rendering techniques. I chose this subject simply to challenge myself because I have always wanted to render my personal car.

ideation sketches to get the proportion and perspective down:

final rendering on Canson paper, touched up in photoshop


Manual Juicer

This week's Vis Comm 3 assignment: kitchen equipment. I chose to practice rendering polished aluminum so I tried it on my juicer design for Alessi. My juicer was inspired by two infamous juicers and attempts to improve on the downfalls of each.

ideation sketches
final rendering


Aluminum and Acrylic

This week's Vis Comm 3 assignment: chairs!

ideation sketches: these helped lead me to my final design, an extra thin/ lightweight lounge constructed from 3/16" aluminum and translucent acrylic
final rendering: the "Continental Lounge" is inspired by the canted lines and features of the '58 Lincoln Continental
In respect for the style of my old Vis Comm 2 teacher, I chose to traditionally render the chairs in primary colors.

Cologne Bottle

Vis Comm 3 project: create a unique cologne bottle

my inspiration: the legendary Eames lounge
ideation sketches
final rendering



So, as much as I love pastel, markers, and Canson paper, I'm now doing Photoshop renderings (this is my second one). This is another assignment with the supporting sketches from Vis Comm 3:


My Other Life

Here's what I've been working on when I get my school work finished....
'59 Impala
Aircraft hydraulic setup
wrapped frame

you can see more photos of it at my other blog found on the right of the screen>>>>


Vis Comm 3

This is the first project for Vis Comm 3, "create a wrist watch". I came up with sort of a sporty version of a Bell and Ross timepiece.

Rhino Models from the Beginning

So, last semester (fall 2010) was my first chance at learning and using the modeling program, Rhinoceros. The program is great because it definitely helps to "realize" your design and lays the groundwork for some excellent renderings. The models produced in the Rhino I class were built solely for aesthetics and scale.

Here are some samples of my work from Rhino I class:
JBL creature subwoofer (first trial using Flamingo renderer)
Original design task lamp (built over scanned in sketches)

Jai-Alai cesta (one of the many details of the product)
Here are a few renderings of the first Rhino II project, an original-design business card holder. This was the first model I've built to extremely tight tolerances and featuring material thickness. The intent for building with these tolerances is to be able to have the holder be rapid prototyped.



One of our assignments for Vis Comm 2 with Sung Paik was to create 10 different swivel chair concepts and then, for the next week, pick the best design and create 2 final renderings on the concept.

Final renderings:

Ideation sketches:


Sophomore Fall '10 Studio Project (continued)

Here is a photo of our group's physical presentation that took place for the class:

A few detail views of the physical model:

A few snap shots of the model making process for the cesta:

roughed in

primed and smoothed

Sophomore Fall '10 Studio Project

The basis of this project was to create team sports equipment within a 10 week time span. The other aspect of the project was the fact that it was to be completed within an assigned group. Along with my fellow group members, Sarah Saville and Ian Jaye, we chose to bring the game of Jai-Alai to the 21st century with a line of products that include the cesta (my product), a high-traction shoe (Sarah's product), and a lightweight helmet (Ian's product).
We branded our products to the high-style line of Adidas, known as Y-3.