One of our assignments for Vis Comm 2 with Sung Paik was to create 10 different swivel chair concepts and then, for the next week, pick the best design and create 2 final renderings on the concept.

Final renderings:

Ideation sketches:


Sophomore Fall '10 Studio Project (continued)

Here is a photo of our group's physical presentation that took place for the class:

A few detail views of the physical model:

A few snap shots of the model making process for the cesta:

roughed in

primed and smoothed

Sophomore Fall '10 Studio Project

The basis of this project was to create team sports equipment within a 10 week time span. The other aspect of the project was the fact that it was to be completed within an assigned group. Along with my fellow group members, Sarah Saville and Ian Jaye, we chose to bring the game of Jai-Alai to the 21st century with a line of products that include the cesta (my product), a high-traction shoe (Sarah's product), and a lightweight helmet (Ian's product).
We branded our products to the high-style line of Adidas, known as Y-3.