Sophomore Fall '10 Studio Project

The basis of this project was to create team sports equipment within a 10 week time span. The other aspect of the project was the fact that it was to be completed within an assigned group. Along with my fellow group members, Sarah Saville and Ian Jaye, we chose to bring the game of Jai-Alai to the 21st century with a line of products that include the cesta (my product), a high-traction shoe (Sarah's product), and a lightweight helmet (Ian's product).
We branded our products to the high-style line of Adidas, known as Y-3.


  1. Dear Zachary Fox,

    For a project in our curriculum of the bachelor course of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft (the Netherlands), we ought to make a baseball pitcher. For this problem we came to the idea of making a pitcher resembling a Jai-alai cesta. We found this page in our search to the optimal geometry of the design and we were stunned by the design of your cesta. Do you still happen to have the 3D model on a computer somewhere, so we could use it as inspiration for ours. If not, is there a formula that describes the slope of the graph, thus the geometry of a jai alai cesta?

    Kind regards,

    Bruis van Vlijmen,
    1st year bachelor student at TU-Delft

  2. By the way you can contact me by means of email,bruisvanvlijmen@gmail.com