Braun Sharpener

This week's Vis Comm assignment: any product we want to design and incorporate metal into the design. So here is my solution for a compact battery operated pencil sharpener.

ideation sketches
final rendering


Pothole Project

For our first, short (4 week) project of this winter's semester of product design studio, we were given the vague task doing something with "anything that has to do with a pothole."

Our group, Sarah S., Sarah J., and myself, chose to fix one big problem in the city of Detroit by using another problem to fix it. The basic mission of the project is to use the bricks from house demolitions around the city to fill the numerous potholes in roads around the city.

By doing this, the beautiful brick houses that need to be torn down for safety purposes are now kept within the city limits. In return, by having bricks in the road, the roads would serve as reminders of the original streets of Detroit.

Check out the poster below to see the in depth concept and process:


Rendering of my Ranfla

For this week's vis comm assignment, we were asked to sketch and render anything having to do with the automobile. I chose to render my '59 Chevy Impala using traditional rendering techniques. I chose this subject simply to challenge myself because I have always wanted to render my personal car.

ideation sketches to get the proportion and perspective down:

final rendering on Canson paper, touched up in photoshop


Manual Juicer

This week's Vis Comm 3 assignment: kitchen equipment. I chose to practice rendering polished aluminum so I tried it on my juicer design for Alessi. My juicer was inspired by two infamous juicers and attempts to improve on the downfalls of each.

ideation sketches
final rendering