Been obsessing over this chair lately....check out the production photos at: stefan-diez.com

Juicer Revisit

Update on the "Citrus Juicer" from last semester's Vis Comm. project:

So, I recently chose to take the Juicer to the next level and built it as a fully detailed C.A.D. model in SolidWorks. The next step of this project might just include a trip to foundry...

Here are a couple of quick renderings of the CAD to get an idea of color break up-


David Mann's chopper art is awesome!



Here's a project from Rhino II modeling and rendering class. The project of modeling a helmet was intended to be more of a challenge in modeling complex surface transitions than anything else. For my helmet, I wanted to keep the all the flavor of traditional, open-face motorcycle helmets while giving the surface some character and using that character to add functionality. This helmet is branded to Biltwell Inc., a producer of motorcycle/ chopper/ bobber accessories and widely known for their popular metal flake helmets.

Here is my concept...


Double Shot Espresso Machine

For this week's Vis Comm 3 assignment, we were given the task of rendering a glossy surface on our own design. I chose to practice rendering the glossy surface on my espresso machine design.


Braun Sharpener

This week's Vis Comm assignment: any product we want to design and incorporate metal into the design. So here is my solution for a compact battery operated pencil sharpener.

ideation sketches
final rendering