Rhino Models from the Beginning

So, last semester (fall 2010) was my first chance at learning and using the modeling program, Rhinoceros. The program is great because it definitely helps to "realize" your design and lays the groundwork for some excellent renderings. The models produced in the Rhino I class were built solely for aesthetics and scale.

Here are some samples of my work from Rhino I class:
JBL creature subwoofer (first trial using Flamingo renderer)
Original design task lamp (built over scanned in sketches)

Jai-Alai cesta (one of the many details of the product)
Here are a few renderings of the first Rhino II project, an original-design business card holder. This was the first model I've built to extremely tight tolerances and featuring material thickness. The intent for building with these tolerances is to be able to have the holder be rapid prototyped.

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